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I wish I could enjoy things Normally

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Ash ✮ they/them ✮ nonbinary ✮ demisexual + gay

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Heyo! I’m Ash! (they/them, Non-binary / Vocaloidgender ) and. Idk what to add but thank u for reading all this.
I usually post about VOCALOID, Black Rock Shooter, Sanrio (mainly Cinnamoroll), Hololive, Animal Crossing, Tokyo Mew Mew, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mob Psycho 100, and Mlp!
I draw, but not as much as I want to, so u might see some of my art! (and please consider commisioning me!!)
I do also have Plush comissions open!
If there is a trigger you need me to tag, don't hesitate to ask me to!! This does include fandoms, characters, or just general triggers (and anything in between). I plan to add a section later on of what i do tag so far
and come talk to me if u wanna be friends!! i enjoy talking with others a lot ^^ (but also im not that good at keeping up with conversations so i would like an indication early on if its alright if i reply late)
Many apologies for this about being kinda messy, I did my best and I'm not the best at coding things on carrd! (and don't forget to read my dni pls)


  • Basic DNI criteria

  • Support Ped/ophiles (this includes those who go by minor att/racted person, but u need to accept ur a fucking pedo and that MAP belongs to the animation community)

  • You support all lives matter/blue lives matter

  • support/are into shows like camp camp and south park

  • Are under 13 (like serously u shouldnt even be online,,, its bad)

  • Identify as a fujo/shi

  • Are biphobic, panphobic, or aphobic

  • Intentionally misgender people

  • Think nonbinary people are 'confused'

  • Think xenogenders aren't real (or u hate neopronouns)

  • Make fun of people for their interests

  • Ship irl people (especially ph/an, please never look at me or my blog, in fact block me please)

  • if you consistently post about dan and phil, sorry its a very bad trigger for me thank u for understanding

  • You think ace people aren't LGBT+