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also i just use this url so some crazy person wont, i am not some fucking tik tok "delusional attachment" person

★ Rock (pretend i got a cool last name) ★

did u know that uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

✮demisexual + gay

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Hi! I’m Rock! and. Idk what to add but thank u for reading all this.
I love talking about Black Rock Shooter (obviously), VOCALOID, Hololive, Sanrio (mainly Cinnamoroll), Animal Crossing, Tokyo Mew Mew, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Mlp!
You're probably here via SpaceHey so if you want Everything about me, here's my main one
and come talk to me if u wanna be friends!! i enjoy talking with others a lot ^^


  • Basic DNI criteria

  • You support all lives matter/blue lives matter

  • support/are into shows like camp camp

  • Identify as a fujo/shi

  • Are biphobic, panphobic, or aphobic

  • Intentionally misgender people

  • Think nonbinary people are 'confused'

  • Think xenogenders aren't real (or u hate neopronouns)

  • Make fun of people for their interests

  • Ship real people

  • You think ace people aren't LGBT+